Refund policies

Cancellations and Booking Modifications

  1. Once a Booking is completed, it cannot be changed by You or cancelled with a refund, unless otherwise stated in the Listing or the Supplier Terms applicable to such Listing.
  2. All matters concerning cancellation and modifications of Bookings are decided and/or determined by the Supplier. Given that the purchase of the Experience is a contract between You and the Supplier, Headout does not frame the terms of cancellation/modification of the Bookings or take any decision regarding cancellation/modification of the Bookings, unless agreed to the contrary between Headout and the concerned Supplier.
  3. Subject to the terms of cancellation/modification set out in the Listing or Supplier Terms, You may: (i) opt to either cancel or modify a Booking; or (ii) reach out to Headout at the contact details specified in the Booking Confirmation to inquire about the options available for cancellation/modification of a Booking. Headout may, on receiving such a request, if required, contact the concerned Supplier and obtain information or seek confirmation before cancellation/modification of a Booking.
  4. If a Booking has been cancelled/modified by You as per the terms mentioned herein and as per the cancellation terms of the Supplier, Headout will, subject to receipt of the Refund Amount from the Supplier, refund the applicable amount to You. Headout clarifies that under no circumstances will Headout pay You the Refund Amount until Headout receives it from the Supplier. Once Headout receives the Refund Amount from the Supplier, Headout will endeavour to initiate the refund within seven (7) days of receipt from the Supplier. As a default practice, Headout processes the Refund Amount to the original source of payment. However, In case the original source of payment is unavailable, You can choose to receive the refund in the form of Headout Credits to the Headout Account of the user. These Headout Credits are neither transferable nor can be refunded or redeemed in the form of cash. As referred previously, currently, Headout Credits cannot be used partially for a booking. Headout reserves the right to make changes to the usage terms of Headout Credits, including but not limited to, value, usage, and validity without prior notice or intimation.
  5. If You make a Booking using a promotion code, or if You accept a discount or special-offer price during the check-out process, You may invalidate Your discount or special-offer price by cancelling/modifying Your Booking. Headout will process any refund to You after adjusting such discount or special offer availed by you at the time of Booking.
  6. No refunds are available once an Experience has commenced, or in respect of any Experience’s package, accommodation, meals or any other Services that You have started to utilize.
  7. A Supplier may make a change to a Booking after Your purchase, changes including but not limited to the date, price, inclusions, coverage, age requirements, and/or any other features and/or requirements of the Experience. Headout will endeavour to communicate to You any such changes at the earliest possible opportunity, as soon as Headout becomes aware of the same. Your rights, concerning such changes, vis-à-vis the Supplier, shall be governed by the Supplier Terms. Headout shall not be liable to You or any other person for any losses, expenses, costs, damages or injuries arising on account of or about such changes made to the booking.
  8. Pursuant to such change(s), if the Supplier cancels the Booking or allows You to cancel the Booking, then Headout will endeavour to process the Refund Amount received from the Supplier within seven (7) days of receipt of the same from the Supplier. If the Supplier permits You to modify the Booking pursuant to the changes, any information that We receive on this matter will be communicated to You as soon as We become aware. Headout will not be liable to You or any other person for any losses, expenses, costs or damages arising on account of or concerning (i) Your inability to modify the Booking, (ii) the Supplier’s failure to communicate regarding the modification of the Booking with either us or You, or (iii) the Services availed pursuant to modification of the Booking.
  9. We may decide, in our sole discretion, that it is necessary or desirable for the protection of our interests, the Supplier’s interests and/or Your interests, to withdraw our services resulting in an override of the Supplier’s cancellation policy. We may also determine, in our sole discretion, to arrange for You a refund of a part or all of the amounts charged to You. You agree that We will have no liability for such cancellations or refunds.
    1. In any scenario of cancellation of any Booking, You agree and understand that Headout shall be only liable to process the refund of the Booking amount upon receiving the same from the Supplier. You also agree that all liabilities against any Booking are attributable to the Supplier. Headout will not undertake any other liability of any sort including but not limited to any incidental losses incurred by You.

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